In the beginning…..



Where do I start? … The beginning.

I only went to the optician to have my eyes tested! I thought it was eye strain, but driving around in the evenings, in the ‘dark’ was getting more difficult, the car lights seemed brighter than usual, the darkness seemed darker than usual. So when I was referred to the hospital and then Moorfields, I knew it must be more than eye strain. I had never heard of Retinitis Pigmentosa, but I soon found out about it.

In a nutshell, RP is a rare genetic disorder of the retina, and my peripheral vision has already started to go, and apparently I have night blindness, so I am not supposed to drive at night now.

To my knowledge no one in my family has it, so why me? No idea yet. But in the beginning God made the light… and in the beginning God made the dark. so whether I live in the light or the dark , God is with me.